List of Words Used at the Annual RMC Charades

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Year Word "Performed As" Word "Performed As" Word "Performed As" Word "Performed As"
1913   porcupine "paw-queue-pine"    
1924     pioneer "pie-on-ear" (late 20s)  
1934   perpetuate "purrpet-chewate"    
1935   reporter    
1950's   oedipus "eddy-puss"    
1960's   pioneer "pie-on-ear" ('60s)    
  conciliate "con-silly-eight"   trichinosis "Tricky-no-sis"  
  scintillate "sin-till-late"      
1965 paranoid "pere-annoyed"      
1968 lobotomy "Lowe-bottom-me" charade, sandwich "Shah-raid", "sand-witch"    
1970's crucible, privilege "crew-sibyl", "privy-ledge"      
1972 madrigal "mad-wriggle?" condominium "condo-mini-yum" pious "pie-us"  
1973 mountebank surreptitious "syrup-tissues" porcupine "pork-que-pine"  
1975 necromancer "neck-romancer" amorphous "amor-fuss" transitory "transit-tory" arctic "artic/tick-ark"
1976 furbelow "fur-below" commonplace misdirect armchair
1977 blunderbuss "blunder-buss" aphrodisiac "Afro-dizzy-yak" royalty "royal-tea" mountain
1978 ridigify "ridge-id-if-I"      
1979 metronome "metro-gnome" interfere "inter-fear?" Bacchanalian  
1980 tycoon "Thai-coon" penitent "penny-tent?" eucalyptus "you-clipped-us"  
1981 hypoteneuse boomerang "boo-merangue" charade scintillate "sin-til-eight"
1982 fingerprints "finger-prince" donnybrook "don-knee-brook" incubus "inn-queue-bus"  
1983 celestial "celeste-chill" incomprehensible "income-prehen-sibyl" burnoose "burr-noose"  
1984 canticle "Cannes-tickle" polymorphous "polly-more-fuss" enterprise "enter-prize" hilarious "hill-aerie-us"
1985 pettifogger "petty-fogger" pandemonium "pan-demon-ium" portrait "port-rate" parapet
1986 palindrome "Pa-Lind-Rome" nomenclature "nomen-clay-chewe" reiterrate Aurora Borealis
1987 contravene "contra-vene" lubrication "loo-brie-quay-shun" speculate "speck-ewe-late"  
1989 syzygy "Caesar-gee" promises "prom-misses" continental "con-tin-'N-tal" necromancer "neck-Roman-answer"
1990 tangents "tan-gents" pornographic "pour-nog-graph-ic" perestroika "Peres-Troy-ka'"  
1991 asterisk "aster-risk" pompous "palm-puss" euthanasia "youth-thin-Asia"  
1992 medieval "Medi-eval" dynasty "die-nasty" bacchanalian "Bach-Anne-alien"  
1993 picadore "pick-adore" thesaurus "three-sore-us" fanatic "fan-attic"  
1994 mastiff "mast-tiff" organize "organ-eyes" artichoke "arty-choke"  
1995 sheikdom "sheik-dumb" harum-scarum hippopotamus  
1996 emulate "emu-late" surpasses "sir-passes" tintinabulation  
1997 anagram "anna-gram" appellation "apple-elation" procrastinate "pro-crass-tin-eight"  
1998 crepuscular "crepe-puss-cooler" isinglass "eyes-in-glass" synchronize "sin-crone-eyes"  
1999 mortician "more-Titian"   misguided "mis-guy-dead"  
2000 incarcerated "in-car-serrated" reverberate "rev-herb-aerate" panoply "pan-no-plea"  
2001   transubstantiate "transsub-stan-she-ate" rigmarole "rig-ma-role"  
2002 candidate "candid-ate" pyrotechnics "pie-row-tech-nix" inarticulate "'in-art'-tick-youlate"  
2003 crestfallen "crest-fallen" articulate "art-ick-youlate" petulance "pet-you-lance"  
2004 tectonic "tech-tonic" bipartisanship "bi-party-sand-ship" perseverance "per-sever-ants"  
2005 constirnation "con-stir-nation" basilica "base-silica" hibernate "high-burn-ate"  
2006 intense "in-tents" unanimous "ewe-nanny-muss" defenestrate "D-fen-ess-straight"  
2007 rambunctious "ran-bunk-schuss" biodiversity "bio-diversity" xenophobia "xen-o-phobia"  
2008 doldrums "dole-drums" saprophyte "sap-row-fight" alone "a-lone"  
2009 chicanerie "chic-cane-eerie" garbage "garb-age" arachnophobia "Iraq-no-foe-bia" Pulaski "pull-ass-ski"
2010 hackneyed "hack-knead" claimant "claim-ant" misbegotten "mis-begot-ten"  
2011 detergent "deter-gent" musicology "mew-sickowl-ogee" sesquipedalian "sesqui-ped-alien"  
2012 pulmonary "Pullman-aerie" dressage "dress-sage" etiolate "eat-Io-late" discombobulation "disk-om-bob-ulation"
2013 sequestration "seaquest-ration" locomotion "Lowe-commotion" aggrandizement "Ag-grand-dies-mint" inuksuk "inn-nook-shook"