Meet the Staff

The RMC's Officers and Committees
(Volunteer Positions)
The RMC's Seasonal Employees
(Paid Positions)
President: Jamie Maddock Field Supervisor: Brian Behr
Vice President: Kate Hudson Trail Crew: Adam Alger
Treasurer: Samarjit Shankar
Jameson Hunt
Bookkeeper: Sally Dinsmore   Darby Lamb
Secretary: Randy Meiklejohn
Andrew Olson
Clerk: Kathleen Kelley
Matt Rebolini
Camps: Pete Antos-Ketcham (Chair)
Vince Reichheld

Bill Arnold
Justin Taylor

Carl Herz
Hailey Vlass
  Ryan Smith Gray Knob Caretakers: Carl Herz (Winter 2016-2017)
Trails: Bob Drescher (Co-Chair)   Justin Taylor (Winter 2016-2017)

Benzo Harris (Co-Chair)   Brian Behr (Spring)
  Dwight Bradley   Kevin Ross (Spring)
  Chris Campbell    
  Carl Herz    
Safety: Bill Arnold (Chair)    

Pete Antos-Ketcham Crag Camp Caretaker:  

Chris Campbell

Fall 2010 Caretakers Mary Meyers and Sam Brakeley on The Quay.

RMC Board members gather for a meeting in 2011.

Carl Herz
Merchandise: Michele Cormier (Chair)
  Ryan Smith

Jeff Smith
Weekly Hikes: Barbara Cutter
  Brian Roberts
Work Trips: Chris Campbell

Bob Drescher
Social Events: Jenn Scarinza (Co-Chair)
  Franklin Stone Wenk (Co-Chair)
Membership/Directory: Michele Cormier

Barbara Arnold

Kathleen Kelley

Randy Meiklejohn
Planned Giving: Randy Meiklejohn (Chair)

Jamie Maddock

Ben Phinney

Jim Shannon

Kate Hudson
  John Scarinza
Stewardship: Samarjit Shankar (Chair)

John Scarinza

Dave Willcox
Stearns Lodge: Paul Cormier (Chair)

Bill Arnold

Pete Antos-Ketcham

Field Supervisor
Communications: Samarjit Shankar (Chair)
  Carl Herz

Jeff Smith
  Ryan Smith
Newsletter Editor:
Randy Meiklejohn
Webmaster: Jeff Smith
Archivist: Al Hudson
Historian: Judy Hudson
Cartographer: Jon Hall
Radios: Bill Arnold

The RMC's Board of Directors
(Volunteer Positions)
Pete Antos-Ketcham, Dwight Bradley, Chris Campbell, Bob Drescher, Benzo Harris, Carl Herz, Kate Hudson, Kathleen Kelley, Jamie Maddock, Randy Meiklejohn, Jenn Scarinza, Samarjit Shankar, Jeff Smith, Ryan Smith, and Franklin Stone Wenk.

Caretaker Journals

Want to know what it's like to be a RMC Caretaker? Read the journals below to get an idea.

Mac Griffin
Spring/Summer 2013

Juliane Hudson
Winter 2009/2010

Juliane Hudson
Winter 2008/2009

Elizabeth Disney
Summer 2008

Sally Manikian
Winter 2007/2008

Gretchen Grebe
Summer 2007

Sally Manikian
Spring 2007

Cameron Martindell
Fall 2006

Chris Fithian
Winter 2005/2006

Derek Schott
Winter 2004/2005

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