Preserve RMC Camps and Trails

Support the RMC with a Planned Gift

There is good reason for the RMC to have a concerned eye on the future.  Half of the club's trails budget comes from state and federal grants, whose future is uncertain. Overnight numbers at our camps vary widely from year-to-year, making planning challenging.

These existing financial uncertainties are coupled with the challenges, both known and unknown, that the club will face in the years ahead.

You Can Help

A planned gift to the RMC can contribute greatly to the club’s financial stability, so it can better weather both current trends and inevitable surprises.

Members of the RMC's Planned Giving Committee are willing to answer questions, although you should involve your attorney when making plans that affect your estate. That said, bequests are the most common form of planned giving.  You can decide whether to name the RMC as beneficiary to receive either a fixed amount or a percentage of your estate.

As you undertake estate planning, please take a moment to consider including the RMC. By doing so, you will be helping to preserve the unique and remarkable RMC experience for future generations.

Preserve RMC Camps and Trails

For more information, e-mail a member of the RMC's Planned Giving Committee ( All correspondence will be treated confidentially. We look forward to hearing from you!

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RMC Planned Giving Committee

RMC Planned Giving Committee is an outgrowth of recommendations from an exploratory committee that was established in 2010, and whose recommendations the board adopted in 2011.