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Support the RMC with a Planned Gift

The Randolph Mountain Club relies on several sources of financial support for its core programs in camps and trails:  overnight camp fees, grants from government agencies or non-profit organizations, and dues and contributions from our members.  From year to year, however, funds from some of these sources can vary, particularly the outside grants, which now represent a significant portion of the budget for our trails work.  To sustain these club operations into the future, the board of directors voted in 2015 to establish the RMC's Planned Giving program as a new source of financial support, and reported to the membership about it at the 2015 Annual Meeting.

Members are invited to:

- consider making a planned gift to the RMC

- learn about the new Fund established to receive and manage donations

- join the Society of those who have made planned gifts

The Mt. Madison Fund is a permanent fund for bequests and memorial donations, managed and accounted for separately from the club's annual operating budget.  Its purpose is to provide long-term financial support for the RMC and its camps and trails.  The board of directors is responsible for management of the Fund and for transferring amounts from it to support RMC projects.  The Fund grows through the addition of bequests when they are received, and the addition of donations sent in memory of Club members. 

The Mt. Crescent Society is the list of names of those individuals who have made bequests or planned gifts, or in whose memory donations have been made.  The Club, through the Planned Giving Committee, will recognize and communicate with living members of the Society annually, to thank them and to encourage others to express their commitment to the RMC by joining them. From time to time the names of Society members are published in the RMC newsletter.

When you are ready to make a Planned Gift to the RMC, please communicate with us to share your intentions, by sending either a letter stating your future bequest (link to a sample letter), or a copy of your will or a portion of it.  You may wish to consult with an attorney when making plans that affect your estate.  Some donors have made a bequest stating a certain amount of money; others state that the club is to receive a certain percentage of the donor's estate (link to some examples of bequest language).

Preserve RMC Camps and Trails

For more information, contact a member of the RMC's Planned Giving Committee; member names are listed below on this page.  Or, you may send an e-mail message to ( All correspondence will be treated confidentially. We look forward to hearing from you!

Randy Meiklejohn, Chair  |  Ben Phinney  |  John Scarinza  |  Jamie Maddock  |  Kate Hudson
RMC Planned Giving Committee

The RMC Planned Giving Committee was established through a by-law amendment approved by the Club membership at the
Annual Meeting in 2011. It is appointed by and reports to the Board of Directors.

Sample letter notifying the RMC of a bequest intention


Planned Giving Committee

Randolph Mountain Club
P.O. Box 279
Gorham NH 03581

Dear RMC Planned Giving Committee,

I am happy to inform you that it is my intention to include the Randolph Mountain Club in my estate plans,

and that I would like to be included in the membership of the Mt. Crescent Society.

[You may wish to include additional information such as an amount, a copy of the relevant page from your

will, or other information. This is not required to be a member of the Mt. Crescent Society.]


[your name]

[your postal mailing address]

E-mail alternative: Note that instead of using the U.S. Postal Service, you may send your letter in an e-mail

message, addressed to

Remembering the Randolph Mountain Club


There are two common types of bequests: specific and residuary.

In a specific bequest, the donor's will specifies a dollar amount or a particular asset, such as securities, real

estate, or tangible personal property. In a residuary bequest, the donor's will gives the Randolph
Mountain Club all or a percentage of the remainder of his/her estate after the payment of estate-related
expenses and other specifically named legacies.

A specific bequest might read as follows:

"I give and bequeath to the Randolph Mountain Club, Randolph NH, the sum of $___ (or description of

personal property) to be used for the general purposes of the Club at the discretion of the Board of

A residuary bequest might read as follows:

"I give and bequeath to the Randolph Mountain Club, Randolph, NH ____ percent of the residue of my

estate to be used for the general purposes of the Club at the discretion of the Board of Directors."

If you include the Club in a bequest, your attorney may want our tax identification number; please request

the number directly from the Treasurer or from the Planned Giving committee.

Bequests through a Retirement Plan

Naming the Randolph Mountain Club as a beneficiary of your IRA, Keogh, tax-sheltered annuity, qualified

pension, or profit-sharing plan is an excellent way to make a bequest. If allowed to remain in your estate,
your plan will likely be subject to both estate and income taxes and therefore taxed at a very high rate –
depleting the amount available to your heirs. By designating these assets to the Randolph Mountain Club,
you can eliminate estate and income taxes and make a substantial gift to the Club.

Mt. Crescent Society

Please let us know if you decide to name the Randolph Mountain Club in your will or retirement plan so

that we can thank you for your generosity and commitment. We would be honored to include you as a
member of the Mt. Crescent Society, which recognizes those individuals who have made a bequest or other
planned gift to the Club, as well as those in whose memory a donation has been made.