RMC Alumni

Welcome RMC Alumni!

These RMC Alumni pages are our way to stay in touch as a group. If you've ever wondered what a fellow RMC alum was up to, since your days together on trail crew or as a caretaker, now you can find out. We hope this corner of the RMC web site will be a great way to reconnect with old friends and stay involved with our club.

The RMC Centennial trail crew and caretaker reunion demonstrated the strong bond that exists between RMC's employees and the club. Maintaining and strengthening that connection is beneficial to both groups. We invite all past RMC Trail Crew, Caretakers, Field Supervisors, and members of the Board of Directors to help us build a great new online community!

Please send a photo, a short bio, and any news that you would like to share with the other RMC Alumni to webmaster@randolphmountainclub.org. We will continue to develop and add to this page in the future, so check back regularly and don't hesitate to share your ideas.

Doug Mayer
Crag Camp '87

Jeff Smith
Crag Camp, '98, '99

 RMC Alumni Bios
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 RMC Trail Crew Group Photos

Dylan Young, Hailey Vlass, Sarah Allen, Justin Taylor, Brian Behr, Rowan Kaman, Becca Doll, Maryka Gillis, and Cheryl Byrne (Field Supervisor).

Becca Doll, John Paul Krol, Justin Taylor, Dylan Young, Carl Herz, Brian Behr, Cheryl Byrne (Field Supervisor), Sarah Allen, Maryka Gillis.

Front Row: Dylan Young, Lauren Anzalone, Cheryl Byrne (Field Supervisor), Rhiannon Stratton. 
Back Row: Jordan Cargill, Sarah Allen, Ethan Denny, Brian Behr, John Paul Krol.

Front Row: Deva Steketee (Field Supervisor), Leann Reid, Lauren Anzalone, Hart Minifie. 
Back Row: Kate Orlofsky, Brian Behr, Sarah Allen, Jordan Cargill, Ethan Denny.

Front Row: Ethan Denney, Deva Steketee (Field Supervisor), Hannah Marshall. 
Back Row: Megan Carey, Joseph Murad, Jordan Cargill, Matty Zane, Hart Minifie.
Missing: Anders Krauss.

Megan Carey, Lauren Cary, Riley Eusden, Alex Leich, Ben Lieberson
(Field Supervisor), Becca Loeb (Crag Camp Caretaker), Camille Robertson, Deva Steketee, Anna Turcotte.

Front Row: Ben Lieberson (Field Supervisor), Deva Steketee, Benzo Harris, Andy Gagnon.
Back Row: Hunter Hague (Gray Knob Caretaker), Matt Zane, Alex Leich, Liz Pfeffer, Duncan Lennon, Caitlin Johnson, Jenny Baxter (Crag Camp Caretaker).

Front: Ben Lieberson.
Middle: Johanna Stansfield, Fiona Jensen, Deva Steketee, Spencer Eusden.
Back: Liz Pfeffer, Curtis Moore (Field Supervisor), Duncan Lennon (volunteer), Benzo Harris.
Missing: Caitlin Johnson.

Front: Benzo Harris, Corey Paradis, Jake Deslauriers, Ben Lieberson.
Back: Curtis Moore (Field Supervisor), Chris Carlson, Duncan Lennon, Fiona Jensen.
Missing: Gretchen Grebe.

Left to Right: Doug Mayer (Trails Co-Chair), Maya Velasco, Rachel Biggs, Leslie Ham, Jamie Phinney, Chris Fithian (Field Supervisor), Curtis Moore, Henry Bodkin, Ben Lieberson, and Tyler Self.

Left to Right: Chris Fithian (Field Supervisor), Rachel Hestrin, Will Manty, Maya Velasco, Laura Young, Jesse Veverka, Mike Street, Marc Ambrosi, and Tyler Self.

Left to Right: Curtis Moore, Will Manty, Chris Fithian, Cody Sayers, Tyler Self, Mike Street, Matt McEttrick, Rachel Biggs and Dan Rubchinuk (Field Supervisor)

Back Row: Doug Mayer (Trails Chair)
Middle Row: Aaron Parcak, Jeremy Loeb (Crag Camp Caretaker), Laura Conchelos, Matt McEttrick (Gray Knob Caretaker), Mike Street, Adam Shoukimas, Mark Durst, Rachel Hestrin, Roz Stever and Simon Parsons
Front Row: Dan Rubchinuk (Field Supervisor), Chloe Mayer and Jeff Smith (Camps Chair)
Missing: Steve Hertzfeld

Back Row: Doug Mayer (Trails Chair), Matt Cittadini and Nathan Robinson (Gray Knob Caretaker)
Middle Row: Aaron Parcak, Laura Conchelos, Maggie Worthen, Dan Rubchinuk and Zach Gayne (Field Supervisor)
Front Row: Chloe Mayer, Matt McEttrick, Rachel Hestrin and Roz Stever
Missing: Jenny Cleary (Crag Camp Caretaker)

Back Row: Roz Stever (Crag Camp Caretaker), Matt Cittadini, Matt McEttrick, Eric Scharnberg (Field Supervisor), Aaron Parcak, Anders Krauss and Doug Mayer (Trails Chair)
Front Row: Dan Rubchinuk, Jenny Cleary, Laura Conchelos and Rachel Hestrin
Missing: Nick Enke (Gray Knob Caretaker)

Top Row: Jill Grenon, Pete Sullivan, Dan Griffiths and Aaron Parcak
Bottom Row: Jenny Cleary, Tom Remmers, Sherri Fabre (Field Supervisor) and Dan Schwartz

Left to Right: Aaron Parcak, Anne Tommaso (Field Supervisor), Curtis Moore, Ned Green, Pete Sullivan, Jessica Storrer, Hillary Seeland, and Matt Moran

Back Row: Matt Moran, Aaron Parcak, Tuck O'Brien, Pete Sullivan, and Anne Tommaso (Field Supervisor)
Front Row: Maria Heidenreich, Chloe Mayer, and Sherri Fabre

Back Row: Jack Bell (Field Supervisor), Matt Moran, Sherri Fabre, Jarad Bernotavicz, Darin Bajnoci, and Todd Katz
Front Row: Clark Shepherd, Alex White, and Eric Flood

Back Row: Geoff Ney, Sherri Fabre, Clarke Shepherd, and Mike Micucci (Trails Co-Chair).
Front Row: Dan Bird, Craig Talbot, Dana Westberg, Jason Leslie, Matt Moran, and Doug Mayer (Trails Co-Chair)

Left to Right: Doug Mayer (Trails Co-Chair), Craig Robinson, Jim Samek, Yuk-tai Man, Ed Schwartzman, Andy Woods, Ted Dettmar, Christine Theiss, and Steve Snook (Trails Co-Chair)
Missing: Sarah McMillan

Left to Right: Ted Dettmar, Gary Winslow, Sarah McMillan, Nate Anderson, and Barkley Mayer
Missing: Andy Woods