Responsibilities include learning and applying modern composting techniquesThe Randolph Mountain Club hires caretakers on a year 'round basis, to supervise the operation and maintenance of its two cabins, Gray Knob and Crag Camp, and its two shelters, the Log Cabin and The Perch.

During the summer, two caretakers are hired-- one for Gray Knob, and one for Crag Camp. The rest of the year, one caretaker supervises all four RMC camps from Gray Knob. Fill in and part time caretakers are also hired, to staff the RMC camps while RMC's regular caretaker is taking his or her days off.

Caretaking consists of:
  - Welcoming and assisting guests
  - Collecting overnight fees
  - Routine camp maintenance / cleaning
  - Maintaining the operation of the RMC's composting toilets
  - Nightly inspections of two other backcountry facilities (The Perch and Log Cabin)
  - Packing up supplies / construction materials
  - Some light trail work
  - Basic repairs and other miscellaneous projects

Caretakers greet, assist, and collect fees from guests dailyThe caretaker may be asked to participate in mountain search and rescues, on a voluntary basis.

What does RMC look for in someone interested in caretaking? You should be familiar with the trails of the Northern Presidentials, have a reasonable amount of outdoors and backcountry experience and good interpersonal skills. First aid training is strongly encouraged, but is not a requirement. We look for enthusiastic, self-motivated and mature individuals.

The caretaker pay is $62 per working day.

If you are interested in applying for full-time or part-time caretaking positions, print out the application form and send it to: RMC Camps Chair, P.O. Box 279, Gorham, NH 03581.

If you have questions about caretaking, please e-mail the RMC Camps Chair.

The Randolph Mountain Club is a diverse organization, committed to equal opportunity in employment and program delivery. The Randolph Mountain Club prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political affiliation and familial status.

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