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The Trail Crew taking a break on the Four Soldiers PathInterested in working in the beautiful and rugged Northern Presidentials? The Randolph Mountain Club has a number of paid, seasonal positions.

Trail Crew
The RMC will have openings for both first year and experienced trail crew workers as part of its nine persons, seasonal trails program.

Work consists of clearing and maintaining trails in the Northern Presidential area of the White Mountain National Forest, including: brushing, blazing, and clearing of blowdowns. In addition, much of the summer will be spent on erosion control projects, consisting of placement of rock steps, rock and log waterbars, drainage, and bog bridge construction. Work sites are often remote, and the crews frequently camp near the work site. Housing is provided in Randolph valley at Stearns Lodge during days spent out of the woods.

Above the clouds on the summit of Mt. Adams.Required experience: Enthusiasm, previous outdoor experiences, and willingness to work hard in the mountains - often under adverse conditions.

If you enjoy strenuous work in an alpine setting and don't mind spending a summer completely covered with mud, bugs, and dirt - this is the job for you!

The dates of employment are from early June through mid- to late August. In some years, the RMC fields a smaller crew from early September to mid-October.  Hiring takes place on a rolling basis, so early applications are preferred.

The RMC also has seasonal openings for caretakers year round. We are looking for friendly and courteous people interested in educating the public by example. Work consists of living at our camps at tree-line just below the Appalachian Trail and Mt. Adams at 4300 feet. You would act as liaison between the RMC and the hiking public who use our trails and cabins and shelters.

Caretakers keep our facilities and the surrounding environment clean and orderly and perform routine maintenance on the camps. Housing is provided during days off in the Randolph Valley at our Stearns Lodge base camp. Application can be made at any time.

Field Supervisor
The RMC hires a Field Supervisor each season, to oversee the two trails crews, and the summer operation of the RMC camps.

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