Historic Maps by Louis Fayerweather Cutter

Louis F. Cutter - Map of King's Ravine, Mt. Adams and Mt. Madison, 1885

In the summer of 1885, Louis F. Cutter first came to Randolph. An undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he was working on his thesis, "Instruments Used in Barometric Hypsometry," for which he tested the relative accuracy of various barometers in measuring heights above sea level. He used these barometric measurements, along with mileages obtained from his home-made odometer, to create a map focused on Mts. Adams and Madison, encompassing the terrain between Howker and Nowell Ridges. Note that this map is oriented to the South.

The sites of his barometric readings are indicated by circles. Trails (in red) measured by odometer are indicated with solid lines; those estimated are drawn with dotted lines. Contour lines (in brown) are similarly shown as solid or dotted. Trails, peaks, and streams are identified (in black) in Cutter's precise script.