A Selection of Historic Maps by Louis Fayerweather Cutter

Louis F. Cutter created maps of the White Mountains from 1885 until his death in 1945. His first map was of King's Ravine, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Madison. He took barometric measurements to determine altitudes, and measured on-the-ground distances with an odometer he created from the front wheel of a bicycle. Over the years Cutter gradually expanded the coverage of his mapping projects in all directions, becoming the cartographer of choice for the Appalachian Mountain Club's guidebook maps.

The following 5 maps by Cutter are posted on this website in conjunction with the July 2010 publication of Peaks & Paths: A Century of the Randolph Mountain Club, Judith Hudson's centennial history of the RMC. The historic maps will help our readers pinpoint places and trails from the 1880s through the early years of the Club. The RMC's 2005 Randolph Valley and Northern Peaks Trail Map (easily obtainable through the website's Stuff We Sell link) is a contemporary map of the area served by the RMC.

Each historic map is interactive-it can be magnified 8 times, so that Cutter's precise details can be easily read. Navigation arrows are provided in the upper left-hand corner.

Map of King's Ravine, Mt. Adams and Mt. Madison, 1885

Map of the Northern Slopes of Madison, Adams and Jefferson, 1898, as revised in 1906

Map of the Northern Peaks of the Great Range and their Vicinity, 1908

Map of the Northern Peaks of the Mt. Washington Range, White Mountains, N.H., 1917

Map of Trails to Tama and Mossy Glen, Randolph, N.H., 1944