What to Expect at Gray Knob During a Winter Overnight Stay

The RMC's Gray Knob cabin offers the chance to experience winter camping without the fuss and weight of a tent. However, it is far from luxurious accommodations:

How cold does it get inside?

The internal temperature of Gray Knob in the winter is a refrigerator at best and a freezer at worst.

If the fire is lit, for a short period in the evening, the inside temperature could reach 35-40°F at the most. This is not warm.

The woodstove is operated at the caretaker's discretion.

Note that overnight these temperatures will drop to 20°F or lower by morning. There is no fire in the morning.

The internal temperature is related to the temperature outside. The mercury is usually 20-30 degrees higher inside the cabin than outside. But if it is -10°F outside, 20-30 degrees higher is an internal temperature of 10-20°F.

Brrr, that sounds cold, what should I bring to be prepared?

A sleeping bag rated 0°F or lower. (Down is best). A fleece liner or a bivy in addition to a sleeping bag is advised as it will add warmth.

Insulated down coats, and insulated or fleece pants. It is cold inside.

Wood will increase the possibility of lighting a fire, but will not raise the temperature above 35-40°F.

Remind me why the woodstove is there if it doesn't get the cabin warm?

The primary purpose of the woodstove is to dry out the cabin, as moisture collects from boiling water and exhalation. It is not intended to keep the caretaker, or the visitors, warm.

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