Weather Conditions at Gray Knob
Elevation: 4370 feet

Posted on May 18, 2017
(this page is updated weekly on Thursday)

Please note that trail conditions can change very quickly in the Northern Presidentials. The conditions posted on this page may have changed since they were recorded. Always check local forecasts before you leave the trailhead!

Max. Temp.
Min. Temp.
Snow Depth
May 17 - - - -
May 16 46 36 none 13
May 15 35 31 9 of snow 19
May 14 37 32 11 of snow 11
May 13 48 39 none patches
May 12 46 33 none 2
May 11 39 30 trace of snow 3

Conditions on Lowe's Path

Snow above 3000 feet; spring conditions with soft snow; warm weather expected; stream crossings could be difficult.

For current conditions, call (603) 466-2438 between 9am & 9pm.

May Statistics at Gray Knob

Total snowfall so far this month: 23"
Average total snowfall for May: 4"
Record snowfall for May: 27" in 2002

Total snowfall so far this winter: 275"
Average total snowfall for one winter: 195"
Record snowfall for one winter: 300" in 2000/2001

Snow Depth

Greatest snow depth so far this winter: 67"
Average maximum snow depth: 65"
snow depth: 126" on March 31, 2001

Highest temperature so far this month: 56°
Average maximum temperature for May: 53.2°
Record maximum temperature for May: 78° on May 20, 2012

Lowest temperature so far this month:
Average minimum temperature for May: 38.7°

Record minimum temperature for May:
18° on May 10, 2010

What to Expect at Gray Knob During a Winter Overnight Stay
How cold is the cabin?

Where is Gray Knob?

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Local Weather Conditions

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