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About the RMC

The RMC Today
    -Where is the RMC?

Calendar of Events and Activities
     -Annual RMC Events
     -Volunteer Work Trips

Meet the Staff
     -Officers and Committees
     -Board of Directors
     -Seasonal Employees
     -Caretaker Journals
          -Juliane Hudson, Winter '09/'10

          -Juliane Hudson, Winter '08/'09
          -Elizabeth Disney, Summer '08 
          -Sally Manikian, Winter '07/'08
          -Gretchen Grebe, Summer '07
          -Sally Manikian, Spring '07

          -Cameron Martindell, Fall '06
          -Chris Fithian, Winter '05/'06
Derek Schott, Winter '04/'05

RMC Alumni
     -Alumni Bios
     -List of Previous Trail Crews
     -List of Previous Caretakers
     -Trail Crew Group Photos

3D Tour of the RMC (Google Tour Builder)

History of the Club
     -List of words used at the RMC Charades

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Recent Grants Awarded to the RMC

Stearns Lodge

     -Background Information on Stearns Lodge
     -Stearns Lodge Photo Gallery

Trails Info

The RMC Trail System

Trails Access and Trailheads
     -Lowe's Store
     -Randolph East
     -Randolph Community Forest

How to Prepare

Recommended Hikes

     -Suggested Walks (Easy, Moderate & Strenuous)
     -Suggested Routes to the Northern Peaks

Recommended Gear List

The RMC 100 Hiker's Logbook

     -The RMC 100 Wall of Fame

Leave No Trace

Alpine Stewardship

RMC Forest Harvesting Policy

Trail Crew Projects
     -Spur Trail and Lowe's Path (2011)
     -Diagonal Trail (2010-2011)
     -Howker Ridge Trail (2010)
Inlook Trail (2009)

     -Lookout Ledge Trails (2008-2009)
     -Lowe's Path Alpine Trail Work (2007)
     -Town of Randolph Trails (2005-2007)
-Crescent Range (2003-2005)
-Ice Gulch (2001-2002)

Owl's Head (1999-2000)

Shelters Info

About Our Shelters

Crag Camp

Gray Knob

The Perch

The Log Cabin

General Guidelines for RMC Shelters

RMC Camps Employment

Composting Toilets
     -Current system in use at Crag Camp, Gray Knob, and The Perch
     -History of the Crag Camp Bio-Sun Toilet

Excerpts from the Gray Knob Log Book
     -1906 to 1937
     -1955 to 1979
     -1980 to 1989

Weather Conditions at Gray Knob
     -Local Weather Links
     -Local Weather Conditions

What to Expect at Gray Knob
     -During a Winter Overnight Stay

Mountain Jobs

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Trail Crew

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     -Last auction ended on November 20, 2016


RMC Newsletter Archive
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     -RMC History
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     -Shelters Articles
     -Other Articles of Interest


Movies (hosted by YouTube)

Photo Gallery

     -A Selection of Historic Maps by Louis Fayerweather Cutter

Free Publications
     -Gray Knob Logs - 1906 to 1943 (.pdf download)
     -Guide to the Cultural and Natural History of the Four
      Soldiers Path