RMC Forest Harvesting Policy

The following are recommendations to help minimize the impacts of forest harvesting practices on Randolph Mountain Club paths. The policy was adopted by the Randolph Mountain Club Board of Directors on November 22, 1998.

The forest products industry is an integral part of the economic, social and cultural life of the north country of New Hampshire. From time to time, landowners over whose land Randolph Mountain Club (RMC) paths cross, may wish to harvest timber. When they do, the RMC hopes that landowners will consider the historic, esthetic and recreational value of these paths.

The RMC believes that forest harvesting and the use of hiking trails can successfully coexist without undue hardship to either. It is with this in mind that the RMC adopts the following recommendations to help minimize the impacts of forest harvesting on RMC paths:

1. Notification:
The RMC asks that landowners notify the RMC of their intention to harvest timber and the schedule for the harvest. Advance notification will allow the RMC to insure that paths are adequately marked and signed to assist both those harvesting the timber and trail users in locating the affected path.

2. Buffer Zones:
The RMC asks that, where practical, a 150 foot buffer zone of partially cut or uncut forest be left along RMC paths. This is consistent with the recommendations in Good Forestry in the Granite State, New Hampshire Forest Sustainability
Standards Work Team publication.

3. Impacts of Harvesting Machinery:
The RMC asks that forest harvesting machinery use be minimized on and near existing RMC paths. This would include limiting the number of skid road crossings and keeping them at right angles to the trail whenever possible.

4. Debris and Slash:
The RMC asks that the accumulation of woody debris and slash on existing paths be minimized.

5. Blazed Trees:
The RMC asks that blazed trees be left when possible to help in determining the location of the trail.

The RMC is fortunate and proud to have a long-standing, positive relationship with landowners. On behalf of the membership of the RMC, the Board of Directors extends its appreciation to landowners for the use of their land for RMC paths.