The RMC 100 Hiker's Logbook

The Randolph Mountain Club’s network of hiking trails in the White Mountains includes major routes to the summits of the Northern Presidentials, trails connecting the club’s four camps, scenic paths on the lower slopes, and trails in the Crescent Range and the towns of Randolph and Jefferson. The total length of these trails is approximately one hundred miles, and launching a special project to hike all the trails is part of the RMC’s hundredth anniversary celebrations in 2010. The club encourages everyone to participate in ‘The RMC 100’, whether or not they expect to complete the total distance, because the main goal is help hikers rediscover and enjoy our unique paths. The summer trips schedule will include two hikes, on RMC trails, designed to kick off the project.

This logbook, which can be used together with the RMC northern peaks trail map and Randolph Paths, is meant for each participant to record his or her hikes. On pages 2 through 6, each trail is drawn as a vertical bar, with the starting point at the bottom and the trail mileage indicated at the top. All distances are shown at the same scale. To record a hike, write the date in the trail bar, or next to it. If a hike covers only certain sections of longer trails (see example below) then fill in only those sections, between the junction markers on the bars. Some minor trail junctions have been omitted, for space reasons, and sections of RMC trails that coincide for significant distances are marked with a dotted line in the bar.

Example: A July 4th hike to Crag Camp via Amphibrach and Spur Trail would be recorded by writing the date in the entire Amphibrach bar, and in the section of the Spur Trail bar only between the Randolph Path and Crag Camp, as shown at left. The section of the Spur Trail bar above Crag would remain empty. A descent by a different route, for example via Gray Knob Trail, Lowe’s Path and The Link, would be noted in the appropriate sections of those trail bars. Arrows can be used to distinguish ascents from descents.

Those who complete the project by traveling all seventy trails on dates on or after January 1, 2010 will be recognized on the RMC website and the newsletter.

Enjoy the RMC 100!

- Randolph Mountain Club Board of Directors

Printed copies of "The RMC 100 Hiker's Logbook" are available for free
at all RMC events and at the Randolph Public Library,
but if you would like to print your own, see below for details.

Download "The RMC 100 Hiker's Logbook" (.pdf)
1. Print in landscape format on letter size paper, at 100%.
2. For best results, print double-sided.
3. Print in color and on heavy paper stock.
4. Fold and staple at the fold line on the cover and cut to size at the crop marks.

Have you completed your logbook? Visit The RMC 100 Wall of Fame so you can add your name & picture!