Diagonal Trail Project

This project consists of erosion control work on RMC's Diagonal Trail. The Diagonal is located within the town of Randolph, between Durand Road and Randolph Hill Road. The trail is one of the oldest in the region, having been built in the late 1890's. At the time of its construction, it served as an important connector between two hotels in town, the Ravine House and the Mountainview House. Today, the Diagonal is one of the main connector paths within the town and is used heavily by local residents, in addition to tourists. In the winter, the Diagonal is popular with snowshoers and cross country skiers.

Long sections of the Diagonal are frequently wet. In 1995, the RMC installed nearly four dozen cedar and tamarack bog bridges over this stretch. Now, 15 years later, the bog bridges were in need of replacement. RMC proposed a more permanent, but labor-intensive solution: construction of turnpiking and causeways along this stretch. Where such work was not advisable or possible, the club proposed to install rock steps or, at a minimum, replace the rotting bog bridges.

The work in this project involved erosion control efforts, including building rock and log waterbars, ditching, building of rock steps and rock scree, and construction of cedar and tamarack bog bridges.

This project helped to meet New Hampshire's recreation trail goals, by working to stop erosion of an existing, popular backcountry trail. The Diagonal also had a number of cedar and tamarack bog bridges that needed replacement.

This project benefied the community needs by protecting a popular hiking trail in the Northern White Mountain region. By keeping the Diagonal open and in good condition, RMC can offer hiking access to all members of the public. As a shorter trail with a number of scenic locations, the Diagonal is popular for those seeking a short day hike or a hike that is suitable for older hikers or families with small children.

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