Trails Access and Trailheads

When you arrive in the Randolph area you will have a number of trail heads to chose from depending on your destination and objectives.

Lowe's Store
Randolph East
Randolph Community


From the west on U.S. Route 2, the first major trailhead is Bowman, with trails originating to Cascade and Castle ravines, Israel Ridge, RMC's The Perch, Castellated Ridge and Mount Jefferson.

The next trailhead to the east is Lowe's Store, with parking ($2 per night) for Lowe's Path, the most often selected trail to RMC's Log Cabin, RMC's Gray Knob cabin and the summit of Mount Adams. Side trails lead to King Ravine, Cascade Ravine and The Perch, Mount Jefferson and RMC's Crag Camp.

The Appalachia trailhead (shown as "trails parking" on some maps) is next along U.S. Route 2, and is the most heavily used trailhead in the Randolph Valley. From Appalachia, the Sylvan Way, Valley Way, Brookbank, Airline, The Link, Brookside, Inlook and Amphibrach trails are easily accessed. Valley Way is the most often used trail to Mount Madison and AMC's Madison Spring Hut. From Appalachia, Airline is the most direct route to Mount Adams. The Amphibrach to Hincks trail is a common combination to Gray Knob, while Amphibrach to Spur trail is a good approach to Crag Camp, though these are frequently not "broken out" in the winter.

Finally, the Randolph East trailhead is located just off of Route 2 on the Dolly Copp Road, also called the "Pinkham B" Road. The Howker Ridge Trail and Randolph Path start here, and access Kelton Trail, Sylvan Way, and many other trails.

Trailheads on the North side of Route 2 are somewhat less obvious, and you should refer to the RMC guidebook, "Randolph Paths" with the accompanying RMC map.  The most prominent one is the Randolph Community Forest Trailhead (RCFT) located at the end of Randolph Hill Road.  THe RCFT can be used to access Peak Path, Mt. Crescent Trail, Carlton Notch Trail, and many others.

The closest accommodations are found in the nearby mountain village of Gorham, New Hampshire, just east of Randolph on US 2. Outfitters offering a wide range of goods from snowshoes, to footwear to backpacks. Advice, as well USFS parking permits, can be found in Gorham as well.

Lowe's Store on U.S. Route 2.

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