All RMC camps are now open.
At each camp there is a maximum number of overnight guests allowed, and these limits are firm and no exceptions will be made.

Gray Knob will allow 10 guests per night, and Crag Camp will allow 15 guests per night. At these two camps, masks are recommended
and the RMC can provide them. All guests must sign in.

The Perch shelter will allow 8 guests per night, and the Log Cabin will allow 10 guests per night.

Note that we operate the camps on a first-come, first-served basis. The caretaker remains in charge at all times, and may direct guests to
different camps when maximum occupancy has been reached.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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The view from inside of Crag Camp. Photo by J. Smith.

Our Mission Statement
To promote enjoyment of the Randolph area through hiking, trail development and maintenance, upkeep
of camps and shelters, and the sharing of the collective knowledge of its members.

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