The RMC maintains four year-round shelters in the Northern Presidentials, all open to the public. Daytime use is free, and a fee is collected for overnight use. RMC members receive a discount (click the button below to become an RMC member). Usage is on a first-come, first-served basis. If space is not available, be prepared to stay at a different shelter. Before you hike up to the camps, read our general guidelines to ensure your safety, preparedness and to avoid unnecessary challenges.

Gray Knob and Crag Camp are fully enclosed cabins with sleeping quarters, while the Perch and Log Cabin are three-sided shelters, visited daily by the caretakers. The Perch has four additional tent platforms. All sites have a water source nearby, and a single outhouse with composting toilet. Each shelter is visited daily by the caretakers.

Overnight guests must have cash or credit card at the time of their visit in order to spend the night at the camps.  The RMC is unable to accept Canadian currency.